It's my understanding that our most formidable years of life are the beginning and the end of life. This is when dramatic events unfold which have a direct correlation to the middle of our lives, the longest time of our life span. While life happens, we are busy tending to the daily affairs of living. In each of us there is a well of strength to sustain us, some of the days are easy, while some are challenging.

Accessing this strength requires a dedicated time for rejuvenation. Massage Therapy is one of those ways one can acquire such fortitude.

The goal of Massage is to manually move the muscles, yet in every body there are also other structures, primarily the nervous system, which is the key to the body, mind connection. This connection is simultaneously reflecting information back and forth from the outside to the inside of your body. We are more than the sum of our parts.

Beautifully we are able to use more than one or two ways to get back to the center of our being where healing occurs. Massage therapy honors this connection.

What I Believe:

Who I Am:

Linda Rossi, LMT, graduated from the Connecticut Center of Massage Therapy, in 2001 and became licensed in CT since 2002. Since starting a full time practice in North West CT, she has taken classes in several modalities, such as Lymph drainage, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Thai massage. She is adept in deep tissue and in more fluid Swedish based massage, as well as hot stone, reflexology and energetic forms of healing. Having an innate love of personal growth and self evolution, Linda began as early as she could studying what motivated her. It is this central frame of reference that gives each session with her clients an experience that is refreshing.

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